Hornby Island Trip…

Enjoying some buff singletrack...

Enjoying some buff singletrack…

The 2014 Hornby Island Trip is fast approaching we’ve got around 40 people coming so it’s important everyone reads this post so they have the information they need to have a fun trip.

Getting There

When you get to the ferry terminal to buy your tickets ask for the BC Experience Card. You load $$ onto it and immediately save $35 on your ferry rides over to Hornby and back. Any $$ left on the card can be used on any BC ferry you take in the future so it’s well worth getting this card.

Here are the ferry schedules you need to plan your trip. The last ferry on Friday leaves Buckley Bay at 930pm.


With so many of us coming on Friday it would be smart to give yourself at least a 1 ferry buffer when planning your trip.

Arriving Friday 13 June

Instructions for getting to the campground are here.

When you arrive we are in the far back in an upper camping area. Look for signs we’ll post.

You do not need to register at the office. If they ask you what’s up just tell them you are with the Dirt Hombres mountain bike club.

Look for Vik or Sharon to find out where you are camping.

Arriving Saturday 14 June

If you know in advance you are coming Saturday email Vik or Sharon to let us know. We’ll leave a sign at your campsite so you can setup on your own in case we are out riding.


We’ve kept the cost of the trip low and it’s based on an average of 3 people per camp site.

So wherever possible shack up with somebody you like and please leave the gigantic family tents at home unless you are filling them up with people.

If you can grab a bundle of firewood to share on the drive up that would be rad. Each site has a fire pit.


With so many people coming parking will be an issue. Please carpool as much as you can.

If you want to drive during the trip do not park your vehicle at your campsite. It will be hard to get vehicles in and out with so many people not to mention it could be dangerous.

The trails are an easy ride from the campground and there is coffee and supplies available at the campground’s well stocked store. So most people should be able to park for the weekend and enjoy a human powered experience.

Trail Map...

Trail Map…

Group Rides

All group rides will leave the campground at 1030am sharp. If you want to drive to the trailhead get there for 1045am.

We’ll split up into the following groups:

  • Family & Chill Zone Ride [led by Michael & Jean Melo]
  • Modest Paced Ride [led by Graham Powell]
  • Fast [led by Sharon Parkes]
  • Spicy Fast [led by Vik Banerjee]

The trail network is easy to navigate with the maps that are available so you don’t have to join a group ride if you want to do your own thing.

Bike Service/Parts

There is a small bike shop on Hornby Island that may or may not be open since it’s pretty early in the tourist season. Ideally have your bike serviced at home before you leave and bring some common sense spare parts and tools to make minor repairs.

Look After Yourself

This is not a fully guided trip. Nobody is being paid to look after you. So at all times take care of yourself and look out for your needs.

If a group ride is too hard for you stop riding and get back to the trailhead on a fire road. If you are having any problems let other people know and do everything you can to be safe.

Have Fun!

Hornby Island has some amazing riding to offer that is crazy buff. You might think your bike is broken it’s so smooth. 😉

We’ve got a great group of people coming together for this trip so the social opportunities for good times before, during and after the rides will be plentiful. 🙂


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