Packing for the Chilcotins Basecamp Trip

Float plane interior...

Float plane interior…

Two important considerations when packing for the trip are:

  • weight limits for the float plane [100 lbs flying in and 70 lbs flying out [per person]
  • bulk/ease of loading

The weight limits are obvious. Since we are using all of the plane’s carrying capacity it’s best to err on the side of caution and keep your gear 10% less then your max weight allowance. This particularly important coming back because your gear could be wet and weigh more than when you flew in.

Besides weight the gear you bring has to fit into the plane and has to be easy to load unload. That means avoid bulky items and pack everything as neatly as you can. Leave the family camping tent at home and pack your gear into a couple duffel bags.

If we end up with too much weight or too much bulk when we are packing the plane stuff will get left on the dock and there is no telling what will get chucked.

Rather than go through that let’s all pack smart and avoid any hassles. 🙂


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