Spruce Lake Base Camp Sample Gear List

Gathering the gear...

Gathering the gear…

Here is a sample gear list for the August Spruce Lake Base Camp trip.


  • Mountain bike [recently serviced & running like a fricking machine!]
  • Hydration pack + bladder
    • Tools
      • Multi tool w/ chain tool
      • Mini-leather man
      • Tire levers x 2
      • Pump
      • Shock pump
      • C02 to seat tubeless tire w/ 3 cartridges
      • Tire plugs and tool for tubeless tires
  • Supplies
    • Spare tube x 2
    • Patch kit w/ extra patches and glue
    • Duct tape small roll
    • Zip ties x 10
    • Small bottle of tubeless sealant
  • Chilcotins map
  • Emergency windbreaker
  • Spare top layer
  • Food x 1.5 days [in case shit goes sideways]
  • Headlamp [w/ fresh batteries]
  • Space blanket/emergency bivy
  • InReach or SPOT emergency beacon
  • Small F/A kit
  • Bear spray
  • Bear bangers
  • Folding saw
  • Fox 40 whistle on lanyard within quick reach
  • Bike helmet
  • Elbow and Knee Pads
  • appropriate clothing for the weather

The gear below will be packed into two large duffel bags for easy loading and transport on the Tyax float plane.


  • tent [waterproof]
  • pegs and guy lines
  • sleeping pad and repair kit
  • sleeping bag [good down to 0 deg C]
  • extra tarp for rain and cord to hang it


  • stove & fuel [extra fuel for 1 or 2 spare days]
  • Lighter
  • Pot
  • bowl
  • Fork, knife and spoon
  • Pristine water purification drops
  • Small camp suds and small scruber


  • TP
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Lighter
  • T-brush + small paste
  • Small camping soap
  • Folding Ortlieb camp basin for washing
  • Lip shit
  • Eye drops
  • Ibuprofin
  • Diaper rash cream for irritated skin in the butt area
  • sunscreen


  • camera + spare battery + baggie if not waterproof
  • GPS & batteries
  • Bug spray
  • Bug net/shirt
  • Dryer lint [fire starter]
  • folding saw [campfires and blow down on trails]
  • spare head lamp batteries
  • book to read


  • freeze dried camp meals x 4 [1 per day]
  • canned meals x 3 [1 day + some extra]
  • oatmeal x 2/day = 12
  • nuts
  • jerky
  • pepperoni
  • apples
  • chocolate
  • gummy bear
  • rice krispie squares
  • scent proof bags
  • bear bag
  • rope and carabiner
  • beer & wine


  • Rain jacket
  • Rain chaps/Pants
  • Puffy insulated jacket
  • Baseball
  • Sunglasses
  • Toque
  • Long johns
  • MTB gloves
  • Fleece gloves
  • Pants
  • Swim shorts
  • Riding Jerseys & Shorts [4 jerseys and 2 shorts]
  • T-shirt x 3
  • LS-shirt x 2
  • Socks x 5
  • Underpants x 5
  • Sandals

Ladies Lessons 7-8 June 2014

Ladies gett'n dirty!

Ladies gett’n dirty!

We have been talking to Amanda at Drift Mountain Biking about running a ladies only MTB clinic in Victoria. She has replied with the following proposal. Have a read and if you are interested leave a comment we’ll connect you with the organizer of the training session. This clinic is suitable for beginners.

“Hello Hombresses! – thanks for the nudge!

We took at look at the needs of your group and what your recommendations for format.

Here’s what we were thinking would be your best fit and what we can deliver.

We would look to delivery in and nearby  the Hartland trails. Sounds like your peeps would feel comfortable there and we could progress the group thoroughly.

June 7-8 is our better option.

Are you happy to see who is interested in this format and price below?  We could pencil that in but would require a deposit to hold the date reasonable soon.

You can check out the booking policies here.

For now, we’ll pencil in the June weekend and you can let us know what you’re thinking. 

Warm regards,



Custom small group clinic request

6-8 participants

Sat 9-2 Skills sessions in flat area;

Sun 9-2 Trail instruction


•       10 hours professional instruction

•       Two Level 2 certified instructors

•       Specialised technical training features

•       Video analysis

•       Locally catered healthy lunch

•       Administration and travel surcharge.

•       Group photo

You can consider these value added options for your clinic at an additional cost.

•       Evening workshops – bike setup; maintenance; trails side repairs etc.

•       Movie night – video anaylsis + bike videos + dinner + Q&A.

•       Private lessons available on following day after the course.

Price for 6- 8 participants: $219+ tax per participant.

If you are need a person or two to make the numbers, we do have some other women in your area looking for lessons as well if your team was okay to have them join in. “