Dirt Hombres Hats!

Tan adjustable fit...

Tan adjustable fit…

Dirt Hombre Michael made a small run of baseball caps. If you want one leave a comment and he’ll hook you up.

Cap Facts:

  • Colours: black and tan
  • Sizes: Flex Fit in SM/Med and Lrg/XL [black only]
  • Sizes: adjustable one size fits many [black and tan]
  • Cost: $25 + shipping

Just a note on costs. Doing a small batch and having to pay a digitizing fee to get the logo ready for embroidery plus needing to give a couple caps to our amazing logo artist means that we are making almost no profit on these hats so we can’t eat the shipping to get one to you. If you want one shipped let us know and we’ll figure out the cheapest way to get it to you.

Black flex fit cap...

Black flex fit cap…

Quantities are limited so if you want one grab one now. I’m not sure when we’ll do another batch.


6 thoughts on “Dirt Hombres Hats!

  1. Pingback: vikapproved | Dirt Hombres Caps!

    • I have 4 or 5 left. All black flex fit style.

      You can come over and try one on in the evening or I can bring them to a club ride if you confirm you are coming.

      I can also ship them if you are not in Victoria.

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