DH Patches!

Iron on embroidered patches...

Iron on embroidered patches…

We made up a small batch of these Dirt Hombres patches. So you can show off your Hombre pride anywhere you ride! 😉

They are iron on, but you may want to add a few stitches for application on certain fabrics.

They are large and look great with some nice contrasting colours.

Great on a hydration pack...

Great on a hydration pack…

Cost depends on quantity:

  • $8 for one
  • $12 for two
  • $15 for three
  • $5 for every patch over three

Cost includes postage to anywhere in Canada or the US.

You can pay via PayPal or Interac from a Canadian online bank account to threeohm “at” gmail “dot” com – make sure you include your shipping address.

Nice and big!

Nice and big!

Quantities are limited and our plan is to never make exactly this patch again so it will be a collector’s item if you are into such bike swag geekery! 😉

BTW – a big shout out to the talented and generous Dylan Menges who created the DH logo for us. Thanks Dylan!


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